First few steps for new Player

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First few steps for new Player

Beitrag von ZEUS am Do Dez 15, 2016 7:01 pm

This server is a very fast one and not every guy is friendly. So here a few tips to survive the first days without getting raided immediatly.

First you should read about the mods here. They make a lot of things much easier and automaticaly.
Build your base in the woods on the Island. Not on the coast! Find a hidden place.
Or try to build a little base on a raft until you have found your final destination.
So no bad guys would find it immediatly and you wont get raided in a few hours and lose your fun.

1.Build directly a little stonebase (3x3 is enough space for the first 4 steps).
You can harvest fast enough to build it quick.
Build 5 refiningforges and melt your first metal you have found from the rocks.
Craft a smithy and a iron hatch and a iron pickaxe.

2.Next step is about to find metal as resources. Harvest 10k quickly and let it melt.
Now during the meltingprocess go and look for pearls, oil, crystal (in the north or in an underwatercave)
and polymer from the penguins.

3.You should now have enough resources to build a fabricator for electronics.
Now build a generator and the forgemaker(forgemaker is in your craftinventory).
Next step is to build the cheapest industrialforge with the forgemaker.
It will melt the metal 10x faster into ingots than the original industrial forge.
(Modded industrialforge needs electricity to run)
Next, craft the best industrialforge in the forgemaker and melt the rest of your metal.
Now you can melt metal enough fast for the rest of your game.

4.Craft a chemistrybench and produce stone and chitin (go to any cave or kill a few trilobits for the start) into cementinpaste.

5.Now its time to change your stonebase into a metalbase.
Craft some autoturrets to defend your base while you are offline.
You will need a lot of turrets to keep raiders away (hundreds and more).
Its very easy here to tame dinos quickly and harvest very fast, so you wont get any problems to complete the four steps in 2 hours!

Have fun, Zeus


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